The Warrior Bloodline is an epic journey of the fellowship of the children bonded by blood. As the story begins you will find yourself cast as a boy that has just got out of an experimental camp - escaped or set loose... Soon, you will be wandering around the woods, both elated and in awe, as it will be your first direct encounter with the wilderness. The game introduces a realistic survival model and involves an in-depth relationship system between characters. The game mechanic is unique in such a way that just like in the real world, you will need hours to chop a tree and even days to craft a shield! The new, improved engine enhances the gaming experience in a way that it smartly avoids the most common pitfalls that survival games encounter, which are the lack of realism.


The game presents you with unique, tailored characters. You will lead a party of the chosen children that will become heroes and gradually discover their inner strengths and hidden talents. Nikola is a natural-born empath, therefore an excellent leader. His AB blood type enhanced with the experimental serum makes him a living lie detector. He also forms a special bond with every character he meets, as he can sense their intents and understand their emotions. While not as impressive as his leadership skills, his precision with ranged weapons is nothing to be shunned upon. Nenad, proud and strong just like his ancestors is a prime example of a warrior. His sense of justice and an unbreakable will to protect those weaker than him will never fail him. While he may not be the brain of the party, he certainly is its heart. His bravery both inspires his friends and intimidates his foes.

Sonja is a lost soul. She wanders woods without any fear, even at night. Serum gave her an ability to sense and even control animals, at the expense of common sense. Masha is extremely intelligent, therefore she can use the tools and weapons that nobody else can. In the beginning, she is very tired as her constant, nagging thoughts do not let her sleep, but soon it will become her advantage. She will use her time for research, crafts, cooking and therefore be the brain of the team


One of the Warrior Bloodline innovations is realism, unparalleled in the gaming industry, as no popular game has modeled human diet precisely. In contrast to the popular representation of eating as simply filling one’s stomach to its full capacity, making this approach too simplified and dissatisfactory for gaming enthusiasts, the game offers a more detailed approach. As in real life, we categorized food into five groups of nutrients: fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, the character's diet is strongly influenced by their blood type. As one can imagine, this is all presented in the game in detail, so you will be required to think about what foods and how they are prepared are ideal for your character.


The wildlife in Wolf's Valley is abundant and lively - animals roam freely and interact with each other. The realism of the game comes to play once again, as small mammals like rabbits tend to stay near their burrows while predators hunt within much larger areas. Some animals enter the valley and wander around, so you never know what you will encounter the next day. One day you will easily find prey that will provide you with plenty of nutrients, but there will also be hunts that will last more than a day and still not be so fruitful.

Warrior blood will show you the way!